Miracles do happen! …..

After having my first child (5yrs) who has always slept through fine, having my 2nd who at 3yrs old has never slept a full night has been a nightmare! My daughter gets off to sleep fine, but has never had the ability to fall into a full sleep pattern. This has affected her behaviour as tiredness takes over. After trying many suggested techniques I had almost given up hope, but on the off chance tried this cd whilst being very sceptical that it would actual help. Well , the first couple of times listening she was more excited than anything. But as we persevered she got used to Linda’s voice, she doesn’t necessarily fall asleep listening to it, but we are now at the stage of every 4 out of 5 nights she will sleep for a solid 10hrs plus!! I would recommend this cd to any parent!!! Ps I have felt more relaxed and sleep better since listening too!

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