Self Hypnosis Audio Samples

* Motivate yourself to take action

* Tips to be more organised

* Build confidence for motivation

* Feel more in control of your life

* Fit in tasks that you used to postpone

* Feel Good feelings can emerge


Time 30 minutes

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* Help you relax quicker

* Help you let go of your every day thoughts

* Help you drop off into a deep and natural sleep

* Help you fall asleep easier if you have to wake up for any reason during the night

* Help turn your old sleep pattern into a new one with continued use

* Help you wake up feeling wide awake, refreshed and feel great too!

Track 1 – Introduction (with useful information) 5 mins

Track 2 – Sleep Success ( Self Hypnosis – Mindfulness Guided Meditation) – 43 mins

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CD £8.97 – Free Postage 

* Lose Weight In A Natural Way

* Motivate You To Take Action

* Take Control Of Your Eating Habits and More!

* Turn Your Old Patterns In To New Ones

* Powerful Weight Loss Aid

* Reinforce Positive Changes For Lasting Results


Time: 33 minutes

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* Stop Smoking And Quit Smoking For Good Self Hypnosis CD

* Designed to help you stop smoking for good.

* Relax, listen and become a happy healthy non smoker

* You are guided from where you are to where you want to be

* Quit smoking the easy way

* Feel good achieving success


Time: 40 minutes

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CD £8.97 – Free Postage 

* Change your life for the better

* Change your thinking to feel happy

* Help to build confidence

* Awaken your pleasure receptors

* Help with self-love

* Increase self-esteem

* Assist with emotional well-being

* Create a natural high

* Assist with depression by creating happier thoughts


Time –  26 mins     

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* Tried and Tested Simple Techniques

* Learn How To Calm Yourself Quickly

* Release Stress Tension and Anxiety

* Use Any Time of Day and Night

* Feel More In Control Of Your Life

* Feel Good In Yourself


Time: 2 x 12 minutes

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*Help you to relax quicker

*Help you with Stress and Anxiety

*Help you to feel confident by using tried and tested confidence boosting techniques

*Help you to feel relaxed in front of any size crowd, small or large including a wedding

*Help you let go of your negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones

*Help you to feel great and really proud of yourself afterwards

Track 1 – Introduction 3 mins

Track 2 – Confidence With Public Speaking – 37 mins

MP3 Audio Download £3.97 

CD £8.97 – Free Postage 

 This programme is designed to help you to unlock your abilities, to find your power and creativity and to develop the courage necessary to use your own magical gifts. This programme will also help you to free yourself of negative thoughts, inappropriate fears and self-sabotaging behaviours. If you really want to succeed, prosper, become happier and healthier, this recording is designed to help you facilitate your goals. 

MP3 Audio Download £3.97