Guided Meditation

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The focus of meditation can be for both relaxation and healing. This is to experience our essential nature – such as peace, happiness, and bliss.

In the modern world, meditation is fast becoming more and more popular to unwind and to lift our spirits. People now appreciate the positive benefits that guided meditation has to offer.

Guided meditation provides an effortless way for you to reach a great state of calm – giving you a clear focus that can lift you from head to toe.



Linda M Hopkins As Your Guide

Meditation is often a personal experience as it engages with memories and emotions.  As such, many clients prefer to opt for a Guided Meditation recording to help them meditate.

Linda uses relaxation techniques to guide you into a state of meditation.  This can be from a short or longer recording.

Imagine feeling your stress and tension drift away.  Linda guides you through the process so that you can achieve this.

During a guided meditation you can be in such a deep state of relaxation that the imagery can relax you even more. You can often feel results in a short space of time with immediate benefits, these can be both emotional and physical.

Guided Meditation can be a powerful tool for your personal development. This requires little effort on your part. You need to set some well-deserved time aside.  Then find a quiet comfortable place where you can relax and even fall asleep if that is your intention.


Use Ear or Headphones

For best results use ear or headphones and

find a quiet comfortable place to relax




Struggling to unwind, relax and let go of everyday problems, causing you to feel stressed and anxious? Then this CD can help you:

* Relax quicker

* Unwind and chill out

* Let go of your every day thoughts

* Turn stress into relaxation

* Help you drop off into a deep and natural sleep

* Help you wake up feeling wide awake, refreshed and feel great too!

Track 1 – Short Version – 21 mins

Track 2 – Longer Sleep Version – 40 mins