Not as scary as it may sound, A one-to-one telephone consultation would really help me to understand and identify your present situation.

I accept that we all have lifestyles and commitments that can fuel the fire of an unbalanced life. The side-effects of the fast-paced world can leave you suffering symptoms like.

Low Confidence, Self-esteem, Happiness, Well Being, Self-acceptance, Body Image, Motivation, Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Grief, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and more.

It’s also a fact that many of us attempt to mask with these symptoms through habits such as.

Smoking, over-eating, drinking excessive alcohol, pain killers, drugs, shopping and more.

I want to help you tackle the symptoms and lift your spirits above the lifestyle chains that are holding you back.

During the consultation you have the perfect opportunity to express how you feel and what may be the trigger factors. Together we will discuss an appropriate course of action and choose whether guided meditation or hypnosis is more appropriate.

It’s necessary to mention here that during the consultation, I may recommend a visit to a medical professional if hypnosis or guided meditation may not be an immediate enough solution for you.


Once you’re comfortable with meditation or hypnosis as your preferred choice of therapy. I will begin creating your personalised recording. Your recording will be tailored to the factors and symptoms agreed during the consultation.

Once the consultation is completed I will email your mp3 therapy download file and put a copy audio CD in the post.

After 7 days I will call you myself to see how your recording has helped. More importantly I call to be sure that the distractions of modern life haven’t interrupted you and stopped you listening to your recording.

It’s important to me that you feel supported and guided through the whole process of creating an improved view of your life.