About Linda

For all of us, life is becoming increasingly hectic; from time-to-time, both our minds and our bodies need time to recover, heal and process. Feel Good Dynamics is a company I founded in response to the needs of those around me in our busy, modern society.

As a specialist in the practices of meditation and hypnosis, I felt that my expertise would be best applied to supplying guided techniques to promote the benefits of self-help. With my guidance, you can undertake meditative and hypnotic methods in the comfort of your own home, to improve the ways in which you respond to and manage life’s pressures.

Through my site, you can access pre-recorded meditation guides to utilise wherever you are most comfortable. I have placed no only a high level of expertise, but also a highly level of care, into creating these recordings to help you make lasting changes to enhance your life. My guided meditations have been designed to fit in with your busy schedule. Download them right now to enjoy in your very own home, or whilst relaxing out in nature or purchase a CD.

Linda Hopkins Clinical Hypnotherapist Why choose Feel Good Dynamics?

I am a qualified practitioner in the following therapies:

• Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Past Life Regression
• Life Between Lives
• Future Life Progression
• Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
• EmoTrance

Through exploring these different practices, I have developed my professional and personal ability as a practitioner, with a great understanding of the needs of different people.

Alongside my qualifications, I am also a proud and enthusiastic member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, and the Past Life Therapists’ Association. I am also listed on The General Hypnotherapy Register.

I always welcome feedback and enjoy reading testimonials of your experiences when using my products and services. Not only does it helps others, it is also heart-warming to learn about the various ways in which I have helped people to achieve their goals.

My testimonials are from within the UK and all over the World. Read how my guided recordings have enhanced people’s lives.