Wealth Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations and Subliminal Affirmations


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Wealth Abundance & Prosperity Affirmations and Subliminal Affirmations


* Over 50 Wealth Prosperity Abundance Affirmations

* Create a Money Mindset

* Unwind and Enjoy

* Relax and Listen to Sea Waves

* Subliminal Affirmations


After a short introduction on Track 1, Linda guides you on Track 2, to repeat over 50 affirmations to help move you into a vibration of abundance to attract more wealth and prosperity into your life.

On Track 3 you will mainly hear sounds of the waves, as the affirmations are woven underneath. You can just relax or drift off to sleep knowing that the affirmations are still there but more on a subconscious level rather than a conscious level.


1. Introduction 2 mins

2. Affirmations 32 mins

3. Subliminal Affirmations 42 mins



The subliminal side is particularly excellent feature …. been looking for a few yearsfor just such a feature.

Business Owner


Linda M Hopkins has a pleasant voice. The affirmations are good.

Paul C.


First class – thank you



Great, good stuff