Psychic Development & Past Life Regression

Medium and Psychic Development

Would you like to enhance your Medium and Psychic Development? Then this self hypnosis and affirmations CD may be just what you need.

The guidance is designed to help you succeed with your development and find your unique personal power and increase your natural, intuitive abilities. There are spiritual exercises included to help you develop your third eye and plenty of powerful suggestions, affirmations and tips.

It can help build your confidence and self esteem as you progress and advance. This in turn will help you become a more successful Medium and Psychic for not only one to one readings but also if you want to give public / rostrum demonstrations to small and large groups.

Embedding suggestions into your subconscious mind using self hypnosis can help to facilitate positive changes within you far quicker than just your normal conscious way of thinking. Just sit back and relax while Linda’s soothing voice connects you to your higher self, gaining you more wisdom, knowledge and personal power.

Track 1 – Self Hypnosis 43 mins

Track 2 – Affirmations 18 mins

Past Life Regression

Some of the many things that you may discover using the Past Life Regression MP3 or CD :-

Past Life Regression Extended

  • Who you were
  • Where you were
  • What moment in time
  • Who accompanied you
  • What occupation you had
  • What clothing you wore
  • What type of home you lived in

And much much more!

Sceptics may not believe that it actually is your past life, thinking it’s just your imagination, or may be memories carried in your genes from generation to generation. Whatever your belief, for the person being regressed it certainly reveals interesting stories! Many reveal that they felt as if they actually were that person and felt that they were really there! In this recording we are looking for a happy past life and what this reveals may help you to understand and help you in this lifetime. This can in turn empower you to implement positive changes as you move forward in life. You can listen to these self-hypnosis recordings time and time again visiting as many Past Lives as you wish to discover more and more about yourself – ENJOY!

The Medium & Psychic Development CD/MP3 on this page combined with using a Past Life Regression CD/MP3 can be very beneficial in your development by helping to awaken all your senses. These can also be complimented by the guided meditation CDs/MP3s that Linda has developed. They all go hand in hand and can be very useful tools for you indeed!

Future Life Progression * A relaxing guided meditation

Look at different areas of your life

* Look at your future in 5 years time

* Help with making choices for your life

* Relaxing  and calming background music

* Can help you feel more positive about your future

If you liked Linda M Hopkins Past Life Regression CD then you may find this one really interesting as it is looking into your current life.

What if you could look at your best possible future in 5 years time? What if this could give you the clarity to make changes in certain areas of your life? Wouldn’t it be great to start implementing those changes now in order to help improve your life towards a better future?

This new Future Life Progression CD could be your answer. This Future Life Progression meditation is an exciting method to help you look into your very own future in five years time. We will look at 3 alternate futures and view how your life could end up through various choices that you make next in your life, right now. Some of these changes you may already have thought of, to improve your life in some way or another but there may also be other new ideas that could appear during this meditation.

People often find that after a Future Life Progression session, things can happen and improve much more quickly in their lives than would have ordinarily been expected. You may be pleased to hear that this could also happen with you too after learning what the potential future holds in store for you.

The areas in your life we’ll be looking at include, your home, work, finances and also relationships.

Now in the comfort of your own home you can have your very own Future Life Progression session and see what the future has in store for you – Enjoy !

Track 1.  Introduction – 8 minutes

Track 2. Future Life Progression – 30 minutes